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Cosmetic brushes made of real animal hair are soooo passé…and Too Faced agrees.

We can’t get over Too-Faced Flatbuki Powder and Blush Brush.  It’s an unbelievably soft brush made of synthetic fibers… therefore, VEGAN and Cruelty Free! How do they do it?  With their exclusive Teddy Bear Hair, of course! We think this is so incredible that the entire world should rush to buy one. Nothing beats a cruelty free, flawless finish. Check out their entire line of synthetic Teddy Bear Hair brushes at

PAW : Promoting Animal Welfare

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Welcome to P.A.W.
Promoting Animal Welfare
"dedicated to improve the lives of animals"

Our purpose: Raise awareness about animal welfare through activism.

Our mission: To inspire communities to live conscious lifestyles with regard to animals. Browse our website to stay informed about events in your area and ways you can make a difference.

Are you ready to PAWTY?
PAWTY- \'päw-tē\ noun

  • a person or group taking initiative to improve the lives of all animals
  • a group of persons organized for the purpose of educating the community.
  • a person or group inspiring others to take action
  • a group of persons celebrating animals that enrich our lives

The Humane Society of the United States and North Carolina Voters for Animal Welfare are celebrating Animal Control Officers and Animal Shelter Directors at this year's Humane Lobby Day in Raleigh on April 12.  We want to hear from you!  Tell us about a shelter doing an outstanding job for animals by completing a shelter nomination form on our Shelters We Love page.  We are especially interested in those that are doing things that relate to changing policy and supporting legislation. Winners will be announced at Humane Lobby Day on April 12.  We hope to see you there!

Want to make better choices for animals when you eat?

Pledge to Be Cage Free

Click here to check out our Farmers We Love page.  Farmers We Love are small, organic farmers who don't use cruel confinement systems for animals.

Click here to check out our Restaurants We Love page.  Restaurants We Love offer vegetarian / vegan options or use Cage Free Eggs.

Click here to check out our Humane Living page for more info about humane eating.

PAW in the News
"Protest Looms for Petland"

Cage Free

Caged Eggs Increase Chance of Salmonella Contamination. Current egg recall covers half a billion eggs in 23 states. The reason?  Battery cages.

Eggs produced from hens in extreme confinement increases the chance of salmonella by 200%.  Not only is it a health risk for humans, it’s inhumane for hens. Hens confined in battery cages have less space than a piece of paper. They also suffer from a variety of diseases and cages thwart their natural behaviors.

For more info about the recall, go HERE

Take the pledge to be cage free Click Here.

Cage Free FSU Alumni HERE