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Cosmetic brushes made of real animal hair are soooo passé…and Too Faced agrees.

We can’t get over Too-Faced Flatbuki Powder and Blush Brush.  It’s an unbelievably soft brush made of synthetic fibers… therefore, VEGAN and Cruelty Free! How do they do it?  With their exclusive Teddy Bear Hair, of course! We think this is so incredible that the entire world should rush to buy one. Nothing beats a cruelty free, flawless finish. Check out their entire line of synthetic Teddy Bear Hair brushes at

PAW : Promoting Animal Welfare

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Did you know that the majority of meat found in grocery stores and restaurants in the United States comes from factory farms?  Confinement systems cram animals into battery cages barely larger than their bodies.

They spend their entire lives crammed into these filthy cages only to be pumped full of food and hormones. There are a couple ways you can take action to reduce the suffering of farm animals:

1. Become a flexitarian! If you’re not ready to give up meat, reduce the amount of meat you eat.  Try eating one meal a day or going one full day a week without animal-based products. Trust us, you won’t miss it!

Here’s a tip to help you get started: Greens are an amazing powerhouse food full of protein, calcium, and vitamins that are easily absorbed by your body.  A meal full of greens and veggies will leave you full, satisfied, and healthy.

2.  Switch to cage free eggs – it’s the easiest way to impact the lives of thousands of animals.  Hens confined in battery cages have less space than a piece of paper.  People who eat eggs from battery cages are 200x more likely to contract salmonella.  For only pennies more, switching to cage free eggs will save animals and reduce your risk of illness. To make the pledge, click here.

Here’s a list of places you can buy cage free eggs & cage free egg products:

Harris Teeter
Winn Dixie
Walmart – 100% Cage Free for Private Labels Costco – 100% Cage Free for Private Labels Trader Joes Whole Foods Denny’s Wendy’s Sonic Ihop Burger King Hardees Quiznos Subway Panera Cracker Barrel Golden Corral

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